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Keep reading this page, because turning back now can be the most costly AND regrettable decision that you can make for the rest of your life - with serious consequences for several years to come. Find out why in a moment...

You see, there's nothing that a person dreams of more than the day when they are able to finally sleep-in as late as they want, go on the vacations they've saved up years of money for, and pursue their childhood passions, right?

Your retirement can be all these things - and much more.

BUT, and here's the big but:

Unless you've successfully prepared for every aspect for that much-anticipated day to arrive, retirement can be synonymous with unexpected financial and mental panic.

The LAST thing you want is to be forced back into your 9-5 job.

In the past, retirement was as simple as working for 40 years, saving a bit of money, and then retiring.

But in this day and age, retirement is a complicated process that can require endless "blueprints" of preparation materials just to work out the planning stages.

After All, There's No Point Jumping Into Retirement With Both Feet First, If Six Months Down The Line You Want To Turn Back The Clock and Start All Over Again.

As you may have heard, there's many little "demons" and "black-holes" that await you and haunt you after retirement - and once faced with them, you have little choice or power over them.

That's why I've dedicated this entire page to every last preparation you MUST take before telling the boss to "shove off!," so that you can kick-back and make your retirement relaxed, and stress-free for years to come.

In fact, below is a sneak preview of how "Planning Your Retirement: How to Ensure Your Security In Retirement" will help you today, tomorrow and for many years to come (possibly even for the rest of your life!)...

Take A Look At What You'll Be Learning In Just A Moment:

• How To Steer Clear Of The Financial Pit-Falls That Haunt Millions Of Regular, Every-Day People Like Yourself:

Once you are "tuned in" on page 6, you'll be learning about the financial mistakes millions of regular every-day people have made (and how you can avoid them!). You'll also discover how these seemingly trivial mishaps can drain your financial "nest-egg" for every penny it's worth.

•Find Out EXACTLY How Much You Need To Be Saving:

Check out page 11 for an easy-to-read breakdown of how to use a savings calculator. Also, you'll find out EXACTLY how much you need to save in order to retire when YOU want to. My advice is this: Don't risk losing what could be the most productive years of your life -- calculate within minutes how much money you should be disposing in your savings account.

•Retirement Savings Accounts Revealed: Pro's and Con's:

The "retirement gurus" tell you to save, save, save if you want to live the laid-back retired life millions dream of, but from savings accounts to stocks to the classic 401k, there seems to be an endless variety of saving methods to choose from. How can you possibly decide where to store those precious funds that will sustain you long after you have stopped earning an income?

The financial decisions you make will determine the fate of your retirement, and on pages 11 and 12, you'll find the advantages -- and glaring disadvantages -- of some of the common types of retirement savings accounts.

•The Little-Known Restrictions That Directly Affect Your Savings:

You can't afford to miss-out on the 4 little-known restrictions that are placed on one of the most commonly-used retirement accounts (HINT: these directly affect how much YOU have the right to save!). You'll find these on page 12.

•The 5 All-Important Factors You've Gotta' Know When Deciding How Much You'll Need To Save:

Don't even think about retiring from your career without learning the five factors you MUST take into consideration when deciding how much money you'll need to save.

From your basic living expenses to lifestyle excursions such as vacations, page 13 reveals them all, along with the essential real-life factors to keep in mind when preparing for each one. Don't fall victim to careless planning and risk losing the lifestyle you've waited a lifetime to enjoy -- find out how much you need to save today!

•How To Predict Your After-Retirement Expenses In Seconds:

By spending seconds filling out a fully-customizable chart on page 18, you can harness the fortune-telling power of a simple "Magic Formula" to predict your after-retirement expenses to the last dollar so that you can calm those "retirement-jitters" and know for sure that you will have enough to live the lifestyle you're expecting.

•Learn The Cold, Hard Truths of "Social Security":

You're already in a retired state of mind, but just when, exactly, can you physically retire and begin collecting Social Security? The answer is revealed on page 19 along with the cold, hard truths of Social Security and the qualifications you must meet before you can collect a single CENT.

•How To Slash Your Social Security Pay-Outs By More Than 30%:

Also on pages 19 and 20, you'll be getting the lowdown on how retiring even just a few years early can slash your Social Security pay-outs by more than 30%, and discover what you MUST do in order to collect every last penny of the Social Security check you deserve! Also, learn how to avoid the "rude awakening" that seems to come out of nowhere and slap a big fat tax on your hard-earned savings without you even knowing about it!

•How To Make Calculating Your Retirement A Breeze:

Take all the hard work out of calculating ANY numbers dealing with your retirement funds by using some of the fast and easy 5-second calculators revealed on page 22 and make calculating your retirement a breeze.

•How To Save A Bundle On Everyday Items:

It's no question that saving money wisely is the key to earning a relaxing and rejuvenating retirement, but in an age when inflation seems to rising like a hot-air balloon and prices for nearly everything are climbing at alarming rates, just where can you cut corners financially in order to contribute to your retirement savings?

Turn right to page 23 for the 5 essential virtues of a practically fail-proof "Savings Religion" that you MUST follow in order to efficiently save money on everyday items at a pace that is just right for you and your family.

•How To Milk The Most Out Of An IRA:

On page 30, you'll be discovering what you need to know when it comes to milking the most out of an IRA, and the 7 advantages and disadvantages of having one may cause you to have second thoughts about where your precious, hard-earned cash would best be stored.

•What You Absolutely MUST Know Before Investing In Any 401k:

Before you begin investing in the 401k provided by your employer, flip to page 33 for an eye-opening list of the 3 "Big Bad Wolves" of the 401k that can leave you penniless (and jobless!), along with the tactics you must arm yourself with in order to protect your financial future.

•Discover 4 Other Little-Known Retirement Savings Plans:

After scanning pages 34 and 35, you'll become aware of all your options and learn about 4 other little-known retirement savings plans, including one that grows totally tax-free until the day it is withdrawn.

•Revealed: 6 Expert-Techniques To Making Great Financial Returns:

One of the greatest privileges of retirement is having the ability to make your savings continue to grow and often double or triple their original investment. On page 38, 6 expert techniques that have been time-tested and consistently proven to result in significant financial return are revealed. Also, why it's NOT all "bad" to make risky investments and how making moderate-risk investments can bring the financial liberation you've yearned for.

•Exposed: The Realities Of Retirement Communities and Homes:

There's no doubt that you've heard the stereotype of how retired couples sell their house immediately after retirement to live free and travel the country in an RV. But how can you decide on the living arrangements in which you want to live out the rest of your days?

On page 44, the questions you need to ask yourself when considering where you'll live are revealed, along with the realities of retirement communities and homes (HINT: it's not what you're thinking!).

•Watch Out For The "Evil" Mortgage That Can Haunt Surviving Family Members Long After You've Passed On:

On pages 47 and 48, the myths and realities of home-selling for the "equity pay-out" are torn apart, and, the precise method for calculating EXACTLY how much the government will take in taxes from the sale of your home is revealed.

Also, watch out for the type of mortgage revealed on page 49 that has the power to make life absolutely miserable for your surviving family members long after you have passed on.

•How To Build An Iron-Clad Financial Fortress Around Your Assets:

We both know your savings and retirement funds are the result of years of dedication, hard-work and perseverance, and it's no question that protecting these funds will be one of your chief priorities.

That's why on page 51, the "Lucky 13 Laws" are revealed that will build an iron-clad financial fortress around your monetary assets so that the lifeline you and others depend on will forever remain immune to almost any economic event that could happen.

...And That's Just a Drop In The Bucket Compared To The Smart Decisions "Planning Your Retirement" Will Be Helping You Make.

Think of it this way...

By ordering "Planning Your Retirement" right now, you will be helping yourself put together the last pieces in this extraordinarily confusing and complicated puzzle - because once you've told the boss to "get stuffed" - there's little chance of correcting your mistakes.

The last thing anyone wants to do after years of dreaming of luxurious vacations and peaceful days of chilling out - is to be faced with the harsh reality of being forced to go back into work.

And 9 times out of 10, your old boss isn't gonna' have you back once you've passed your fruitful years - which will more than likely mean you ending up in a crappy slave-like job that you don't like one bit.

And What On Earth Are You Going To Do When That Happens?

By then it will be too late, and you'll wish you did something sooner - in fact, chances are too good that you'll remember reading this letter, and start kicking yourself in the head for not acting sooner.

I'm being serious - your retirement and financial security is a very serious matter and cannot be overlooked.

That's why it is absolutely essential that anything involved with your retirement (whether it be now or later) is taken care of immediately.

I can't stress how important this is, which is why I'm urging you to take control of your financial, and emotional destiny.

Don't you think it's time you put the aching worry behind you?

Order "Planning Your Retirement" today, and you'll be amazed at how quickly your friends and family will seek your new found wisdom.

It's up to you to make the right decision.

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P.P.S. Remember, every year, millions of "would-be" retirees are forced back to work when a lifetime of "mis-saving" strands them without the funds needed to maintain their basic lifestyles. Don't get hit with this wake-up call at the point in your life when all you want to do is relax and enjoy all the fruits life has to offer -- determine your future expenses today!


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