Three Quick Steps to Beat Credit Card Debt

beat credit card debt

Three Ways to Beat Credit Card Debt

It’s not always simple and not always easy to beat credit card debt, but it can be done. Many people might scoff at this since they have literally thousands of dollars worth of credit card and other debt, but there are also thousands of people that live quite easily without any credit cards at all! So certainly you can beat credit card debt and you can avoid getting back into that debt, if you know how.

Your first step in order to beat credit card debt is to start keeping track of all the money you spend. You may already know how much your rent and car payment are but you also need to record how much you spend on groceries, utilities, cable television, gas for your car, cell phones, dining out, clothes, newspapers and other journals, makeup and personal care items, and everything else. To beat credit card debt you may need to make some adjustments to some of these areas. You may not be able to cut back on your mortgage or rent but when you see how much you’re paying for groceries and dining out, you may realize the need for adjustments. There are usually many other things that families and individuals pay for that can be used to beat credit card debt, such as memberships to gyms they never visit or maid service for the house. Once you write everything down you really get a feel for how much you’re spending and what areas need adjusting.

Your second step in order to beat credit card debt is to write up a workable and reasonable budget. Usually you can include those little treats and indulgences like eating out and buying new clothes, but you need to use a modest figure and make sure you spend no more than this on these items every month. Once you’ve used up that amount, you’re done spending in this area. Staying within a budget will help you to beat credit card debt that much faster as this will mean you will have the necessary funds to pay toward your credit cards every month.

The third step toward paying down your debt is to be honest about your spending and your budget as you do these other things. It’s so easy to confuse wants with needs, but this won’t help you to beat credit card debt! Paying only the minimum amount due every month means that you’re probably just paying on interest and not making progress toward the principle. If you can free up another fifty dollars or so every month you can beat credit card debt that much quicker, but unfortunately most see that extra fifty dollars in their checking account and immediately go shopping. You absolutely need to exercise some self-control if you really and truly want to beat credit card debt. On the other hand, if you are disciplined and organized and keep up with your budget and your payments, you will be debt free soon enough!

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