Intro to Architecture: Architectural Columns

architecture columns

Intro to Architecture: Architectural Columns

Architectural columns have always been charming. They are ornamental additions to our homes, palaces, and buildings from time immemorial. Architectural columns are easy to install and you could have it in the interior or exterior of your house. You may prefer square columns or round columns. That column which would go perfectly with the interiors of your house ought to be selected.

The process of adding architectural columns is one of the renovating projects undertaken to develop the exterior these days. If you want to change the manifestation of your front porch adding solidity to the deteriorating structure, you should prefer square architectural columns. These columns are easy to install. They have three parts which you should concentrate while erecting them – the base of the column, the shaft and the upper portion which is referred to as the cap.

Some people will prefer the base of the architectural columns to be bigger than the shaft and the cap to contain artistic designs. The base must be strong enough to support the column shaft. You may prefer smooth or textured base. The shaft will feature smooth or fluted texture depending upon the type of the column. You can have highly stylized caps and these must be quite strong to support the roof.

Architectural columns are not only designed for attractive purposes but also for load-bearing. So they are preferred for structural as well as decorative usage. Some of the types of architectural square columns are fluted, not fluted, tapered and non tapered columns. These great pieces of architecture are just enough to create a magnificent look to your home. When you install them outdoors, you could give an eye-pleasing appearance to your porch. They bear the roof extensions and give strength to your buildings.

Architectural columns are usually painted with bright or mild shades of colors as per the taste of the owner. With beautiful paintings, their looks are enhanced. A pair of architectural columns on either side will create a sense of joy and excitement. When you are planning to build your new house, or want to modernize your old house, you should keep in mind certain things. You should make out plans for each and everything like the length and breadth of your house, height and pitch of your roof, wall height and other things. You must consider about installing architectural columns when you think about these things. These are very essential to set the mood and tone of your house.

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